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Our mission is to promote the welfare of animals in Granville County through responsible pet ownership. We believe in making a difference with hard work and charity efforts.

​Pet Food Pantry

The Pet Food Pantry is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month 12pm - 1pm at Bullocks United Methodist Church.  HSGC distributes kibble each month along with any other items collected (canned food, litter, toys, crates beds, blankets, leashes/collars and treats as they are donated). With the continued support of a special family, Bullock’s Church, the public and local businesses, we stock this program. HSGC also applies for grants to support the Pantry.  The program started in 2013 and is limited to low income Granville County residents. Donations are collected locally at Mule Town Vet Hospital in Creedmoor- look for our green collection bin!

Adoptable cats

Spay/Neuter/Vaccine Program for Low Income Granville Residents

HSGC issued over 600 FREE S/N vouchers since 2018 and paid all extra costs associated with spay/neuter procedures. This program is funded through grants – most recently with the support of the Petrie Foundation.  We also fund raise to offset costs and depend on public support. If you are in need, complete the form below and return to us!​ 

Assuming that each S/N surgery stopped 4 unwanted offspring in the first reproductive cycle, HSGC has kept 2,400 pups and kittens off the streets.  That is just one cycle and if we assume each of those 4 plus their parent can have 2 litters per year, then that’s nearly 10,000.  Its easy to see how quickly these numbers can overwhelm if we don’t work to lower them. 

Feral Cat Initiative


HSGC caregivers’ trap cats and they are spayed/neutered through our vet. We have also works with Independent Animal Rescue (IAR) with large colonies.  69 at one location is the most handled to date.   HSGC is funding feral S/N at Butner Vet and are actively loaning our traps (7) to the community.  We also aid communication of colony locations and impounded cats in the Granville Shelter and we aid in their release back to their colony (if possible) or rehoming.  A special thanks to Dr Jeanne Simmons (Butner Veterinary Clinic) for over 20 years of vet services to HSGC.

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Paws for Granville - Dinner & Silent Auction

Saturday, April 6, 2024

5:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

The Barn at Vino - 3200 Bliss Trail, Stem, NC





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