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The Humane Society of Granville County (HSGC) Pet Food Pantry Program.  This program is intended to help Granville County residents in need keep their pets in their homes rather than be forced to surrender them into the shelter system. Food is donated and we cannot guarantee supply nor brand. 


In order to qualify, you MUST show proof of financial need. This can be any ONE of the following:

  1. Medicaid card (for adult, not child)
  2. WIC or SNAP card/coupon (with current date)
  3. Social Security Income (for adult, not child) note: Social Security Income is not a qualification unless it is your only income. (Provide a copy of last year’s tax return; SSI declaration letter and copies of SSI checks are not sufficient). 
  4. EBT (food stamp) card with photo ID.
  5. IRS Form 1040 (Not w-2 or pay stub) showing income levels less than:    

                              1 person household - $17,960

                              2 person household - $24,240

                              3 person household - $27,468

                              4 person household - $33,120

                              5 person household - $34,464


HSGC reserves the right to limit the number of recipients per year.  As of September 2015, HSGC will require that pets receiving aid through this program have current rabies vaccination and MUST be spayed/neutered (proof must be provided within 30 days of registration). HSGC has info and aid for low cost spay & neuter and we will also distribute our Annual Spay Day vouchers to Pantry recipients before the general public. Failure to comply will cause the loss of your enrollment.

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