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The Humane Society of Granville County (HSGC) is a grass roots organization formed by concerned

Granville residents, many members of the South Granville Kennel Club,  in response to the use of gunshot

as a means of “euthanasia” by County Animal Control. Incorporated in June 1992, our initial goal of ending

the shootings was achieved in 1995 when the County converted to the use of a gas chamber and made

efforts to adopt lethal injection. While this method is better, the HSGC would like to see multiple choices in

euthanasia method utilized so that the best method for each situation is used. The use of lethal injections,

when practical, is our preference. 


Our mission today is to improve the welfare of animals in Granville County through the promotion of

responsible pet ownership. We operate on hard work and  the belief that charities must be responsible to

the citizens that support them.


Our key programs include low cost  microchip clinics, a pet food pantry, and the reduction of unintended

litters through spay/neuteropportunities, specifically, Granville Spay Day which we hosted for the first time

in 2013 (23 pets S/N for free!).  We are applying for grant funding for more clinics on a regular basis. 


HSGC also has a commitment to volunteerism through the use of Therapy Dogs in various settings. Six

Therapy Dogs and handlers volunteer their efforts at  Granville County physical rehabilitation facilities and

nursing homes in need of canine interaction. We logged over 100 hours of therapy during the first 2 years.


Our Mission statement also voices our commitment to preventing cruelty and suffering of animals, as well

as educating the public on the humane treatment of animals. In order to address these commitments, the

group has continued to work to improve the Granville County Animal Control Program.  HSGC  occupies a

permanent seat on the County Animal Control Advisory Committee, which sets policy for Animal Control.

We also worked with officials to redraft the Animal Control Ordinance in 1999 and are involved in the efforts

to update those ordinances.  We donated $5,000 to the renovated Animal Control Facility and assisted with

input for the construction.


We also planted a holly tree in memory of Holly Turner for the dedication of the new facility.  Holly was a kind

and wonderful young lady whose life was cut tragically short.  A memorial fund was donated to the Humane

Society by her family because of her love of animals. “Holly never turned away a stray” we heard over and

over when talking with her family.   Those funds were used by the Humane Society to replace the old wooden

rabbit cages that cats at the county shelter were housed in as well as a portable kennel.


One of our key areas of emphasis is on the need to combat pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs.  We have encouraged SNAP/NC (the Spay Neuter Assistance Program of North Carolina) to visit Granville regularly through monetary donations, advertisements, and flyers.


The HSGC created a spay/neuter incentive fund from which persons adopting pets from the County’s Shelter can receive a $25 reimbursement when they have that pet spayed or neutered. This fund reimbursed responsible owners from 2001 to 2010 when the County adopted their coupon program making them eligible for the State Spay Neuter Program.


Over the past 15 years, The HSGC has donated and assembled  4 large stainless steel units of 6 cages each, 5 6X6X10 chain link pens, 2 with covers, 2 exercise pens, vaccines, medical supplies, fans, bowls, pails, litter boxes, toys and treats.  We have also supplied 2 Polaroid cameras and most recently, a digital camera in 2007.  Food and supplies donated to the Humane Society are taken to the shelter animals.  The HSGC has also collected used kenneling items for the shelter including a two-unit stainless steel cage, a washer/dryer unit and a freezer as well as the more commonly needed items such as old towels and blankets.


Training for the staff at the County shelter is essential for proper euthanasia technique.  The HSGC has paid for training for these staff members in euthanasia by lethal injection in 2006.  In prior years, we also sent Officers to a large animal resource training event at NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine.


HSGC volunteers also help out at the County Shelter adoptathons and other events.  


Humane Society members have also participated in the Raleigh-based Operation Catnip (a program which alters and vaccinates  feral cats for re-release) by trapping and transporting cats and have donated funds to their cause.  This program is wonderful for barn cat colonies whose population has gotten out of control! We also loan traps and teach trapping techniques. 


The HSGC attends many of the local fairs and events in order to join with and educate the public with our spokes-dogs, Murphy and Minnie.  Kids love the dogs and there is no better way to start the responsible ownership conversation than through living examples. 


HSGC celebrates the human-animals bond by sponsoring an Annual Blessing of the Animals with Bullock’s United Methodist Church, Hwy 15 near Hester, as part of our Community service efforts. These special services are based on the teachings of compassion by St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. We have participated in the Blessings every Fall, beginning in October 2001.  


In 2012, the Humane Society of Granville County celebrated its twentieth anniversary.  We look forward to the next twenty years with pride in what we have accomplished, as well as hope for a brighter future for the animals of Granville County.  There is still much to be done and with continued community support, much can be done!


There are many levels of support needed: from monetary donations to many varied volunteer efforts. The Society depends on donations from the citizens of this county.  Your donated funds will be reinvested in this community. The group meets four-six times per year with special meetings scheduled as needed for projects and fund raising efforts.


The Humane Society of Granville County is recognized by the Federal Government as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and incorporated as a charity in the State of North Carolina.

The Holly Tree and Memorial Stone pictured were placed at the shelter by HSGC in 2005.  They pay tribute to the memory of a very special young lady, Holly Turner, who left this earth too soon but whose love of animals and desire to help them lives on.  Hers was a compassion that impressed so many and serves to inspire others.

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